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About Fiddlinda

I have been playing violin since the age of 10. I've concentrated specifically on Irish music (or some derivative of it) since about 1990. I am currently a member of the Celtic Rock band "JIGGERNAUT," and the TIMES (Traditional Irish Music Education Society).

Mercenary Fiddler

Besides Jiggernaut and local sessions, I also been known to fill in as needed (hence the term "MERCENARY FIDDLER). Typically I'll temporarily take the place of a fiddler who can't make a show. Since 2013, I've performed with Shameless (A Garth Brooks Tribute), Abbey Brown & the SoundKing George, The Quibble Brothers, The Bodarks, and Jigsaw, to name a few.


I am also a member of the TIMES Session Players, who perform every Sunday afternoon at The Celt, in McKinney. This is not a true session, but actually a performance by a rotating group of talented musicians from the Dallas/Fort Worth area (or guests from out of town.) 


I also work in the graphic design/print industry, (yes, I have a "Day Job") and have had the opportunity to design a few CD covers, including my own. Details about my accomplishments are on the "CD DESIGN" page here, or click and hold the BIO button in the Menu above and click on CD Design.

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