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CD Design

I've been working in the printing industry since about 1990, and have had the opportunity to use the design skills I've learned to create CD artwork for a number of projects, including my own. Here are some details on each, with the latest at the top.


Patrice Webb: In My Sentimental Dreaming


Third CD for Patrice Webb, this was a 6-panel wallet style project. 

Barwick & Siegfried: STONES & GRAVEL


Third CD album cover for this fabulous bluegrass/roots duo, the CD was released in 2018.

Barwick & Siegfried: LONG TIME GONE


Kathy and Pete's latest project. Here is a review from a listener: "I just listened to the new CD by Kathy Barwick and Pete Siegfried, "Long Time Gone". As you might suspect, it's pretty freaking awesome. There's some extremely sweet guitar playing by KBar and the vocals are excellent. I particularly like Kathy's picking on the first tune, "When I Was A Cowboy" and on "The Hermit Miner". The bass register runs on "Cowboy" are way cool. You should get yourself a copy (or three). Every track is outstanding. Also, if you like The Everly Brothers (and who doesn't?), you'll love Kathy and Pete's version of the title track. Two thumbs up!"



Kathy's long-time Mountain Laurel bandmate Pete Siegfried joined her to create this great duo, and this is their firest recording. Read more on their website

MEG ALISON: Catch My Fall


Meg Alison is a singer/songwriter from Davis, California. This project includes a 2-pocket sleeve, along with an 8-page booklet and CD (of course). Her brand new CD is due to be completed and available in mid-december 2014. 



Kathy plays in several bands, and this is one of them. This was just a simple double-CD sleeve, but there is a lot of music inside the simple package!! Link will be added when it's available.



I'm very proud to have the opportunity to do the design work for Kathy's second solo album, and includes some of Kathy's original music!! We're both very happy with how the artwork for this 4-panel sleeve (with 4-panel insert) turned out. The CD is available through Kathy's website using the button below.

FIDDLINDA: There & Then, Here & Now


One thing good about being able to do CD design is that when you record your own album, you can save money by doing your own design work. So I did. This entire project was all me: the design, the final arrangements, the mixing - all of it. I even took the cover photo. The package is a 4-panel sleeve. The CD was released in March 2014, and is available for purchase through my Square link here, or via CD Baby using the button below, or even ITunes!!

PATRICE WEBB: Turning of the Page


Evidently Patrice liked my work enough to call me to help her with her second CD, released in early 2014. The packaging was again a 6-panel sleeve, and the finished project is beautiful!! This CD is also available through CD Baby.

NINE-8THS IRISH: Live at the Freight & Salvage


My last work for Nine-8ths Irish was for a live recording CD we produced from a November 2011 performance at the beautiful venue in Berkeley, California. The CD was available in a very limited capacity for our 2012 farewell performance as the full band under the name Nine-8ths Irish. The design was a simple 2-panel sleeve, and is available only from me. In person. Or just contact me and we can talk.

PATRICE WEBB: Photographs


Patrice is another northern California singer/songwriter, and I was recommended to her by Kathy Barwick. Her project turned out great, and was another intricately designed 6-panel CD sleeve. This can be purchased via CD Baby, or on Patrice's website,



Kathy Barwick is an award winning guitar, dobro and banjo player in northern California, and one of my Nine-8ths Irish bandmates. Her CD was the first project I designed that wasn't for one of my bands, though I did play on a couple of tracks. This was a 6-panel digipak, and the project turned out really nice - Kathy was happy with her artwork. You can get this CD on Kathy's website at

NINE-8THS IRISH: Out on the Ocean


This was one of my favorites, and I had a great time with this one, as this was the first studio album for Nine-8ths Irish, and the second release on the FGM Records label. The package was a 4-panel digipak, with a clear CD tray. This album is also still available via FGM Records, CD Baby, and iTunes here.

NINE-8THS IRISH: West of Ireland


The second CD I designed was in 2007 for the first release from my former band Nine-8ths Irish, entitled "WEST OF IRELAND." This was N8i's first release on the FGM Records label. The design was for a standard CD jewel case, with a 4-panel front insert. This album is still available via FGM Records, CD Baby, and also through iTunes.



The first design work I did was back in 1992, and was actually for my former band PEGASUS PROJECT. It wasn't even a CD yet, it was a CASSETTE!! The cover art was done by Jeff Burdge. I still have a few of the cassettes left, and thankfully am still in contact with my bandmates from that great time. If anyone wants to get one of the cassettes, or digital album, shoot me a message.

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