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There & Then,

Here & Now

CD was unveiled at the 2014 North Texas Irish Festival, with the "Official CD Release" on 12 Mar, 2014 @ Trinity Hall

​This CD has been years in the making, but came just at the right time. I had access to a great studio and engineer (Travis Ener), had a few of my original tunes ready to record, and a "stable of artists" from which to choose who I wanted to accompany me with the album. Most notably, the amazingly talented Joseph Carmichael agreed to work with me, and helped arrange and produce the album. The result is 15 tracks: some reels, jigs, a slip jig, and a few other surprises. Make sure to listen all the way to the end!!! :-) 


I humbly asked my friend (and Jiggernaut bandmate) Deanna Smith Scotland to listen, critique and comment on the CD, so as to have somewhere to start as a description of the album. You can read that review as well as others (including one from the esteemed publication The Irish Echo!) on the "REVIEWS" page hereI'll add more reviews as I receive them.

As you can tell from the title, this album is a sort of retro/introspective. It's got some old, some new, several different styles and flavors, and is a good 'cross section' of my playing. You can use the buttons to buy the album directly from me via Squareup, or preview and purchase from either CD Baby or iTunes.



Here are the tracks as listed on the CD. There are more details on the liner notes, of course, so when you get your copy, you can read it all. Or you can try to read it from the image here. The ones shown here with the asterisk (*) are my original tunes (read more about those here.)  


  1. Tony's Celebration Reel*/Mason's Apron

  2. Goodbye to Ocean Blvd.

  3. Take Down Jig*/The Orphan/All the Handsome Young Maids

  4. City of Chicago

  5. Mayor Harrison's Fedora/Father Kelly's

  6. Strayaway Child

  7. Invention No. 8

  8. Woman of the House/Man of the House/The Long Drop

  9. Miller's Reel/Big Sandy River

  10. Retreat Jig*/Banks of Lough Gowna/Hop, Skip & Jump*

  11. Tripping Down the Stairs/Flogging Reel/Ten Pound Float

  12. She Moved Through the Fair

  13. Mother's Delight/Torn Jacket

  14. David's Jig/Catharsis/The Reconciliation

  15. (Hidden Track) Toar's Big Deck*

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