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The Music

I play fiddle tunes, mainly Irish type tunes. You know, jigs and reels. I've been known to play those jigs and reels with a sort of Texas (by way of northern California) twang, and that has also influenced my original compositions.​ I was the California State Ladies' Fiddling Champion four times - and the combination of the Texas style contest fiddling with some of the Irish style has given me a unique sound.

But also note that I have been used as the example of how NOT to play Irish music, given that I'm most definitely NOT a "Pure Drop" player. Either way, I have a unique style. I'm not the best in the world, but I've gotten my share of compliments. And playing music allows me an emotional outlet without having to fork over money to a therapist.  Music *IS* my therapy. 

I've played with a lot of bands. I was one of the founding members of THE KILLDARES, and that band has been influential in many of my musical choices since then. My husband and I founded Nine-8ths Irish, and we had a great time with those great friends and fellow musicians. I tend to like to meld styles together - Celtic Rock, Irish/American trad, Celtic Americana...I'm totally open to any style, as long as it's fun and produces some GOOD MUSIC!!

Some of that music (including some of my original tunes) can be heard on my solo CD - just click the CD image here to go to the CD Page, or just use the links to purchase the CD. If you want the Nine-8ths Irish CDs, email me, or they are all available on CD Baby and ITunes as well.

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