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Pegasus Project


Myself, Jenni Mansfield-Peal and Rupert Crabb made up Pegasus Project. The band was short-lived, from 1991 to 1993, but we made some wonderful music. The image shown at right is the cover art (done by JD Burdge) of our one and only album (sold only as a cassette), and has long been out of print. Though I have some if anyone wants one!! Just email me by clicking on the fiddle pic at the top of each page.


Here is the song list from the Ascension album:

  1. Musical Priest_Bonnie Ship The Diamond.mp3

  2. Strayaway Child.mp3

  3. Rockabye Baby_Jig of Slurs.mp3

  4. The Mermaid.mp3

  5. Fair Maid_Fisher's Hornpipe_Sailor's Hornpipe.mp3

  6. Twa Corbies_Joe Cooley's Reel.mp3

  7. When the Iceworms Nest Again.mp3

  8. Waltzing With Bears Suite.mp3

  9. Star of the County Down.mp3

  10. Jigs in D_ Tripping Up The Stairs_Top of Cork Road.mp3

  11. Rodeo Rider.mp3

  12. Two Sisters.mp3

  13. Greenland Whale Fisheries.mp3


We did have the tracks available for purchase and download, but the website disappeared. They are, however, available here via a DropBox link. If you feel compelled to contribute something in exchange for these MP3s, please send me what you feel is fair via PayPal, through the email address



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