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We moved 11 times between 2001 and 2011 - it's now May 2013

This is a 'reblog' of a post I put up back in May 2013.


This is my first blog post in a long, long time. I created this blog back in 2009, when I was still playing with Nine-8ths Irish. It's now May, 2013, I have since moved back to Texas, got a good job, and Chris and I live in The Colony, Texas.

Chris had a job with Home Depot, he has since lost that job, but found another. I was invited to play with Needfire, which I did for about a year and a few months, but recently lost that job.

So Chris and I are both starting over. Again.

You see, prior to us moving back to Texas in 2011, we had moved from Texas to California to be closer to my family. But even before that, we moved a few times. So let's see...

  • In about 1999 we moved to a condo in Dallas. In mid-2001, we were evicted.

  • We moved to stay with my friend Angie in Carrollton for a few months. Her house was sold, we had to move again.

  • We stayed in a friend's house while it was on the market. We somehow made it to November 2002, when we left to head to California.

  • We stopped at my mom's house in Livermore, but once again, in two months or so, she and her husband Lloyd moved to Eureka.

  • Chris and I went to Sacramento (where we were heading anyway.) We found a place subletting a room from a crazy woman. We were only there a couple of months, and luckily, found an apartment in eastern Sacramento, just on the western side of Rancho Cordova. It was great for a while - we lived in a little one bedroom, then moved to a two bedroom, then moved to the nice spacious two-bedroom 2-story apartment. Then we were robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot, not 25 feet from the back patio of our place.

  • We moved again within the week into a fabulous duplex.

  • Once we were in the duplex, things seemed really great! Then...the economy tanked. I lost my job, was on unemployment for like a year, (well it seemed like it, I don't know how many months it was). After a particularly lucrative St. Patrick's Day with Nine-8ths Irish, we saw that we had a choice to make. We could either use that money to continue paying bills at the duplex, or we could actually use it to make the move back to Texas, where the economy was much better and Chris' best friend Scott had already offered up his house to us while we got settled. So that's what we did. April 2011, we headed for Little Elm, Texas.

  • We stayed at Scott's until October 2011, (which, admittedly, was probably about 2 months too long.)

  • We lucked out big time, found the duplex in The Colony (the landlady was just purchasing the property, and we sort of just installed ourselves here, we pay rent on time, we haven't torn up the place, she has been great and thinks we are the Best Tenants Ever!!)

We have our three dogs, Samson, Tulley and Shae, and are happy where we are. If I totalled it all up correctly, we moved eleven times between 2001 and 2011. That averages out to about once a year. That's too many times. So we'll just stay where we are for a bit.

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