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Linda joins Jiggernaut!

Following a bit of a break after parting with Needfire back in April 2013, Linda was asked to "audition" for Jiggernaut back in October, and possibly join them for NTIF (North Texas Irish Festival) just to see how it felt. Well, after one rehearsal, EVERYONE felt great and photos were taken that day! Linda is the latest addition to a great, high-energy rock-n-roll/blues band that happens to play Celtic music, and her first show with the band will be the 32nd Annual North Texas Irish Festival, only the second largest Irish Music Festival in the country!!

Linda will add her fiddling to the already impressive talents of Deanna, Richard, Garren, Matthew and Rodger. Come join the fun, and look for them on the Shannon Stage, 3/1 and 3/2/2014!!

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