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My CD is finished!!

My CD, officially titled "FIDDLINDA: There & Then, Here & Now" was unveiled at the 2014 North Texas Irish Festival, with the "Official CD Release" on 12 Mar, 2014 @ Trinity Hall

​This CD has been years in the making, but came just at the right time. I had access to a great studio and engineer, had a few of my original tunes ready to record, and a "stable of artists" from which to choose who I wanted to accompany me with the album. Most notably, the amazingly talented Joseph Carmichael agreed to work with me, and helped arrange and produce the album. The result is 15 tracks: some reels, jigs, a slip jig, and a few other surprises. Make sure to listen all the way to the end!!! :-)

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My first solo CD.... as in, WOW!! A SOLO ALBUM!!

It's taken me years of practice and convincing myself that I'm good enough to take the time to record a "Solo Album." And I'm very happy with the results. But truth be told, I would never have done it without the support and reassurance of my family and friends. And that includes all who encouraged me, handed me cash, or wrote me checks, or contributed to my GoFundMe account (and there are quite a few of those!!)

It's self-produced and an "independent release," so there were no studio people or investors (oh, I mean executive producers) telling me what it should sound or look like. It's not perfect, but it's all me, with the help of many along the way.

Of course, I had the HUGE help of Travis Ener, the Sound/Studio Engineer/Owner at Rockin' T Studios.

Special thanks and "shout-out" to the great musicians who were gracious enough to lend me their talents. That includes:

  • Jesse Owsley (my good friend and former Killdares bandmate)

  • Ken Fleming (with whom I've played since way back in 1990 with Waifs-n-Strays, the founder of the North Texas Irish Festival, and a heck of a great musician!)

  • Daniel Mehalko (one-third of Flashpoint and one of the most talented players in the Dallas area...and he's not even of drinking age yet!!)

  • Janis Deane (a great flute and Uillean pipe player in DFW)

  • John Burleson (a mainstay of DFW Irish music, and one of my cool Coolin bandmates)

  • Trey Ware (former bandmate from Needfire, and one of the most tasteful drummers I've ever had the opportunity to play/work with, and also one of my favorite people in the Whole Wide World!)

  • John Relph (my über-talented big brother, with whom I shared much of my formative years, musically speaking)

  • Joseph Carmichael (HUGELY talented guitar and flute player, another former Needfire bandmate, and who I call My Secret Weapon - In my opinion, his playing MAKES this record work, and I couldn't have done it without him!!) and of course, last but certainly not even close to least:

  • Chris Dunlap, my drummer, my singer, my IT Guy, my Personal Roadie, my chef, my husband, my best friend, and my Biggest Fan!!

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