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The Art of Selfies

with The Bodarks at The Celt, McKinney, TX

So many bands, so many shows, so few photos. So I decided the best way to get them was to start taking pictures from stage. This has resulted in a lot of fun pics, and way for me to remember the event. It has also evolved into me trying to take a "selfie" with the band, whoever it is I'm playing with at that time. It's always fun for me, especially when the night flies by. It's a great memory keeper. Here are a few of those photos.

On stage with King George, at Rockin Rodeo, Denton, TX
Goofing with Michael Stribling and Daniel Mehalko at Trinity Hall, Dallas, TX

My view from onstage with 5 Second Rule, Trinity Hall, Dallas, TX
The Cruise

with Chris Gipson

Coolin @ NTIF 2016

Celtic Passion II, Burleson, TX

With Dusty from King George, New Year's Eve, Boondocks in Lake Worth, TX

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