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I want to share my tunes.


I have a few original tunes, the oldest of which was written way back in about 1989. I'm not hugely prolific, but I enjoy playing the few that I have written, and makes my repertoire vary from that of other musicians who play some of the same material. A few of them have been on recordings, including my solo CD "Fiddlinda." Here is a bit of information about the tunes, including some at the bottom in ABC, a text-based form of sharing tunes. If you want ABC of any other tunes, just email me!

(If you're unfamiliar with ABC, check out this page: )

  • Michael's Waltz - written for my stepfather Michael McConnell, who passed away in 1995. He was very important to my development of music appreciation as a kid.)​ This tune is the first one in the set called 'Brave Mourning' that I recorded and performed with The Killdares, and I also played and recorded Michael's Waltz in another set with Nine-8ths Irish. Both are available to listen to at left.

  • The Hero Jig - I wrote this after seeing Solas at the KVMR Celtic Festival in 2010, and while I was composing it, I was watching the tv show "Heroes". It pairs appropriately with Michael's Waltz, and is on the N8i album "Out on the Ocean," and can be heard at left.

  • Take Down Jig - Its melody spans only 9 notes, as I wrote it with highland pipes in mind. This tune is on my CD.

  • Retreat Jig - written to commemorate the 2012 O'Flaherty Retreat - This tune is on my CD.

  • Tony's Celebration Reel - written for Chris' younger brother James "Tony" Ferguson, who left us in February 2012. This tune is the first track on my CD, and can be heard by either buying the CD (shameless plug!!), or just click the little Play button at the top of the page, above the link menu. Tony's is my featured track!!

  • Escher's Staircase - written in 2006 and recorded with Nine-8ths Irish (it's on the "Out on the Ocean" CD), and with Needfire. This one took me a while to complete. But it seems it was worth it. 

  • Aiden's Reel (written for Chris' daughter Aidan, b.2000, whose name I mistakenly spelled wrong. Sorry, Aidan!! This tune can be found on N8i's "Out on the Ocean" CD.

  • Hop Skip & Jump - written in summer of 2010, this one is quite fun to play. This tune is on my CD.

  • Toar's Big Deck - This was written for Toar Schell, who essentially dared me to write a tune for him and put it on my CD - this tune is the 15th track on my CD. (It's sort of a "hidden track," only because it's not listed on the liner notes. It does show up when the CD is put in a player.)

  • The Straying Piper - When friend and piper Fel Bautista was in Italy, he posted something on Facebook about "The Piper, Straying." It was a cool phrase, and I took that and used it as the name for my next tune. Meaning I had the name before I wrote the tune. But I knew it had to be a Slip Jig. So it's been written, and I have a very rough recording - check it out at left.

The Straying Piper

I'm a Slip Jig. I was written after Linda heard a version of my name uttered (virtually) by piper Fel Bautista, and Linda felt that she just had to write me. I came into being in August of 2014.

And by the way, the photos here have nothing to do with anything. They're just generic pics from the website template. 



T:The Straying Piper

C:Linda Relph

C: Written for Fel Bautista, August 2014

R:slip jig



|:"Em"~E2 E EFG ABd|"A"~^c2 c ABc def|"D"edB "G"dBA GAB|"D"dBA GED A,B,D|

"Em"~E2 E EFG ABd|"A"~^c2 c ABc def|"D"edB "G"dBA GAB|"D"dBA GED B,DF:||

|:"Em"Eee efg "D"fdf|"C"~g3 efg agf|"A"edB dBA GAB|"D"dBA GAB def|

"Em"~e2 e efg "D"fdf|"C"~g2 g efg agf|"A"edB dBA GAB|"D"dBA GED A,B,D:||

W: © LC Relph 2014

Tony's Celebration Reel

Though I'm a happy tune, I was written to commemmorate a very sad event, when Chris' brother Tony took his own life. Linda chose to honor Tony's life by holding onto the happy memories. Hopefully, each time I am played, he smiles from when/wherever he is now. Linda would love for everyone to share me and think of Tony (or another loved one lost) each time you play me.


X: 11

T: Tony's Celebration Reel

T: Written for James ("Tony") Ferguson

C:Linda Relph, 2/26/12

M: 4/4

L: 1/8

R: reel

K: Gmaj


"G"GEDC B,DA,D|"Em"G,A,B,D GDB,D|"C" CEGc "G"BDGB|1 "D"ADEF "G"G4:||2 "D"ADEF "G" GABd||

|:"C" ecBc efge|"G"dDGB dedB|"D"cBAG FDEF|"G" GDAD "Bm"BDdD|"C" ecBc efge|

"G"dDGB dedB|"C"cEGc "G"BDGB|1 "D"ADEF "G" GABd:||2 "D"ADEF "G" G4||

W: © LC Relph 2012

Escher's Staircase

I'm another jig. Linda seems to like jigs. I came into being while playing at a session at Bo Bowen's house, back in Sacramento, California in early 2008. My melody kind of wraps around itself, and when Linda played me, Chris assigned the name to me because of the wrapping. The melody, not like a Christmas gift. Ah hell, just play it, you'll see what I mean. 



T:Escher's Staircase

C:Linda Relph, 1/08






"D" DED FDG|DAD BDc |"C" dcB cBA | GEC G,CE |


"D" DED FDG|DAD BDc |"C" dcB cBA | GEC GFE |



"D"dAe fAg|agf edB|"C"~c3 ece|"G" gdB gfe|"D"~d3 ede|

"D"~f3 efg|"C"fed cAG|"A"EFG AB^c|"D"dAe fAg|agf edB|"C"~c3 ece|

"G"gdB gfe|"D"~f3 gfg|agf gdB|"C"cBA GEC|G,CE GFE||

W: © LC Relph 2008

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