LINDA RELPH: California born & raised, former Contest fiddler, now Texas based Mercenary fiddler.

I am a fiddle player, originally from California, now based in the DFW area of north Texas. I play fiddle, in several styles: Traditional Irish, Celtic Rock, Texas country, classic country, folk, and anywhere in between. I am currently a member of several bands, including wonderful tribute bands STRAIT SHOT/GARTH CROOKS (George Strait and Garth Brooks Tributes), trad Irish STRING THEORY, and Celtic/Rock juggernauts JIGGERNAUT (see what I did there?) 

I am one of the regular players with the DFW area Traditional Irish Music Education Society (TIMES) Session Band, plus other pick-up "Mercenary" gigs as they are come my way. I'm available for gigs, lessons, studio work, you name it. 


Below is my upcoming schedule, at top is my Facebook page link - feel free to listen to my music above, read about me on my Bio page, or just explore the website.  Email me with any questions you may have by clicking the Email link in the menu!!

My solo CD is on Spotify - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!