LINDA RELPH: California born & raised, former Contest fiddler, now Texas based Mercenary fiddler.

I am a fiddle player, originally from California, now based in the DFW area of north Texas. I play fiddle, and have been totally sidelined by the last two years of pandemic just like all of us have. This is the first time I've edited my website since about 2018, though I do have the calendar below that is controlled by ReverbNation, so I put my gigs up that way. 

This last two years have been just absolutely crazy - besides the world shutting down, my life changed in numerous ways too. Suffice it to say things are WAY different than they were, and not just Covid. Anyway, I have been playing with Abbey Brown and the Sound, a great Arlington-based country/rock/superchick singer. She helped me get back into playing live after  the world closed up shop for a bit in early 2020. I also play now with SHAMELESS, a Tribute to Garth Brooks. Plus I'm still hanging in there with my good buds and family of JIGGERNAUT.  


Below is my upcoming schedule, at top is my Facebook page link - I know the music links and such are outdated - one thing at a time these days.  Email me if you feel like it, it's always great to get an email!!

My solo CD is on Spotify - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!