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LINDA RELPH: California born & raised, former Contest fiddler, now Texas based Mercenary fiddler.
My solo CD is on iTunes or Spotify - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!

I am a fiddle player, originally from California, now based in the DFW area of north Texas.


I play fiddle: some trad Irish, some Celtic-Rock (with bagpipes), some country, some Tribute Bands, some eclectic/Texas/kitchen-sink style, whatever it takes. I've played with small trios, I've played with tribute bands, I've played on big festival stages to large crowds, I've played dive bars with audiences of two or three. I love it all.

Currently I'm part of the TIMES rotating roster of session players, mainly playing at The Celt in McKinney TX and sometimes other local NoTX pubs. I am also fiddler with Jiggernaut, a Celtic-Rock festival band with electric guitars, full drums and bagpipes.

Below is my upcoming schedule, at the top is my Facebook page link.  


Email me if you have any questions for me, it's always great to get an email!!

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